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    Whether or not you go with sub-DOMAINS ( or sub-DIRECTORIES ( you must carefully plan out your navigation - not only so your visitors can get around, but the bots as well.

    Notice I said "so your visitors can get around". If your site is fragmented with each sub-directory/category it's not going to make much sense to your visitors. People who are shopping for high heel pumps aren't going to say "Ooh, power tools!" (well unless they are looking at size 15 pumps and, well, nevermind).

    Hardest thing to do for many affiliates is to stay focused. Domains and hosting are cheap. Build out one site to the maximum of your abilities and vision - THEN move on to - SQUIRREL!...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Honestly, is it too soon to nominate the above as post of the year..???

    VERY funny!

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