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    Method to verify CJ's tracking correctly?
    I'm suspecting that a lot of money I'm paying to PPC traffic goes down the drain because of a tracking problem, as I experience sometimes a very low reported CTR from my landing pages to advertisers (modifying the landing pages did not help). I've started to test-click some of my affiliate links occasionally, but this is probably the most primitive way to handle this matter. the clicks did show up, except for yesterday as 2 out of 3 clicks to different affiliate links haven't showed up in the system (it's been 15 hours).

    Therefore I'm wondering whether do you guys use some method to verify that CJ is tracking correctly? maybe inserting your own internal link that would track all clicks being made, first in your own system, and only afterwards would redirect the clicking visitors to your affiliate link?

    I'm using simple HTML and Dreamweaver on my pages, but I'm willing to learn some basic coding if that's the only option to do so. also, please clarify if your method has any drawbacks (maybe the redirect can get stuck in the middle, or maybe the page can be penalized by google or google adwords, etc.)


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    Every one of our links goes through a redirect and we capture date, time, and some additional info as the SID. Easy enough for us to do spot checks when we feel it's necessary and compare our internal click stats to that of any network.

    Are there anomalies? Sure, from time to time. An occasional bad bot can trigger a click in our system but not on the network. All in all, click tracking isn't a big concern to us - but tracking of sales is...
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