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    Losing sales via Ghostery et al
    Hi all,

    Is there any way to detect if a user has addons like Ghostery installed?

    Ghostery and other addblockers are for sure costing us money.

    Even is we could display a message like this site requires you disable Ghostery to continue.


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    Hello ANYBODY?

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    Never heard of it.

    However, most ad blockers use specific URLs or keywords in the URLs to block ads.

    So yes, if your ads are blocked then you can't make a sale...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Hi Jane,

    I exercised a little Google-fu and found this thread asking same for someone who relies on Adsense, so same idea.

    Hope that helps, some. Unfortunately when adblockers are used there isn't a lot (that I know of) that we can do. But detecting it and displaying alternative content in the case where the ad doesn't get displayed, is an option.

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    Thanks e-gazer,

    What I'd really like to do is Detect Ghostery and display a message that Ghostery must be turned off to access this site.

    There must be a way to detect if a user is using Ghostery

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    There is not a way to see which add-ons a user has installed on their browser. However, I'd like to know why you are concerned with Ghostery so much. Currently, Ghostery does not automatically block tracking - a user has to knowingly turn them off. After a pixel is detected, the user has to click on the Ghsotery button, then click on the name of the tracker, and choose the “Block [TRACKER NAME]?” option. Or, they can block trackers in bulk by choosing the “option” under the Ghostery button, and clicking the boxes next to the various categories, like “advertisers,” “analytics,” etc. Either way, the user is choosing which pixels are tracking and which ones are not and that information is not captured by any type of analytics program right now.

    However, based on research conducted last month by Quartz, you should only be concerned about pixel tracking being turned off for certain verticals and certain browser users. Techies who know about Ghostery seem to prefer Firefox, which has the highest amount of adblockers (roughly 35%), whereas less than 1% of IE users have something like this installed. Furthermore, if you are publishing a lot for travel or lifestyle (health and beauty) sites, only a very small percentage of your traffic will have it installed so the risk is probably minimal.

    It would never hurt to have something that says something like "Please ensure that you have adblockers disabled when viewing our site to ensure the best browsing experience", but I would first check your own analytics and industries that you are promoting to see if it is something that is really hurting your bottom line.

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    I remember seeing a fella show up a while ago promoting a javascript product that displayed specific ads in spite of ad-blocker use. He started in the Wordpress forums pushing a plugin that did what he said. He moved on to the Joomla community, then the Drupal community. The Drupalistas require a peer-to-peer code review before anything can go public. First review: "Why does your code try to harvest all the email addresses on my machine?" Response: "I used exactly the same code in the Wordpress and Joomla offerings. No one complained about it there..." It can be done but be careful what you get if you don't do it yourself.

    One thing to realize: the folks who use ad-blockers tend to be serious about not seeing ads. If you annoy some of those folks enough and you are in a position where a good click-bombing can get you tossed from a program, you need to think about what you're doing. And I've known of one person getting annoyed enough to mount a click-bombing attack that Google's engineers couldn't sort out even as they watched it flow from around the planet over a three day period... The business being click-bombed responded exactly as the Google hierarchy suggested/required as it was happening and that wasn't enough to keep them from being kicked from Adsense. They finally took their site down for several days, then suffered penalties from the searchbot for months.

    In this business you kinda pays yer dues and takes yer chances.

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