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    Arrow How Hummingbird is changing Long-Tail Search
    This post is a video and video transcription on
    how Hummingbird is changing Long-Tail search.

    How Google is Changing Long-Tail Search with Efforts Like Hummingbird - Whiteboard Friday - Moz

    How Google is Changing Long-Tail Search with Efforts Like Hummingbird - Whiteboard Friday

    The Hummingbird update was different from the major algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda, revising core aspects of how Google understands what it finds on the pages it crawls. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains what effect that has on long-tail searches, and how those continue to evolve.
    How Google is Changing Long-Tail Search with Efforts Like Hummingbird - Whiteboard Friday - Moz
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    hummingbird update is officially announce on 26 September 2013.hummingbird update is beneficial for the search engine and user because after the hummingbird when we search any thing in Google it give us accurate result according to our search.after the hummingbird Google reads most of the keywords in our query.
    for example:

    “What’s the closest place to buy the iPhone 5s to my home?” A traditional search engine might focus on finding matches for words — finding a page that says “buy” and “iPhone 5s,” for example.

    Hummingbird should better focus on the meaning behind the words. It may better understand the actual location of your home, if you’ve shared that with Google. It might understand that “place” means you want a brick-and-mortar store. It might get that “iPhone 5s” is a particular type of electronic device carried by certain stores. Knowing all these meanings may help Google go beyond just finding pages with matching words.

    i hope it will helps you

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    HummingBird Updates has been launched for voice search, the people who are using the voice search features, they would like to search about a sentences, so fresh contents does matters in gaining good ranking to the website.

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    I agree with smithjackson11, Google is now making their search result more accurate, that's why long tail keywords are effective these days.

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