Prosperent has 3 new API's you should be using!

DeepLinking: Our new DeepLinking api allows you to create an affiliate link to any page on a merchants site. You simply supply the raw url like "" and we turn that into an affiliate link that earns you money. Deep link to any page on a merchants site (including those without product feeds))

PhraseLinker: Want to turn a word or phrase into $$$? Our PhraseLinker takes any keyword or phrase, and returns an affiliate url with the best converting, closest matching product.

LinkOptimizer: Nexus laws taking your revenue? Amazon remove you from the associates program? No problem. Send out LinkOptimizer an Amazon url and we find the closest matching product from another retailer and give you an affiliate link to use. Amazon is just the start, we will soon optimize hundreds of merchants.

Not a programmer? No problem, DeepLinking is also available via simple to use Javascript. Just log into your account: Prosperent - Sign In and install ProsperLinks. The PhraseLinker and LinkOptimizer will also be included as they are ready.