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    10 Spoooooooky Myths About Affiliate Marketing
    Excellent article by Missy Ward on her blog:

    • #1. Affiliate Marketing Is Too Difficult!
      #2. Affiliate Marketing Is Super Easy!
      #3. You Gotta Have A Niche!
      #4. All the Good Niche Markets Are Taken!
      #5. You Only Need One Affiliate Program.
      #6. You Need Every Affiliate Program EVER!
      #7. There’s No Money In Affiliate Marketing.
      #8. You’ll Make Millions, Fast!
      #9. It’s Too Late – the Market Is Over-Saturated With Affiliates
      #10. Affiliate Marketing Is Going To Disappear!

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    Love #9...

    Quote Originally Posted by Missy Ward/
    There is no doubt that it is a more crowded field than it was ten years ago, but the reality is this: a lot of the folks setting up affiliate sites aren’t doing a very good job. Just because they have a ton of flashy banners doesn’t mean they are actually earning anything. Get out there and be awesome.
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    #6. You Need Every Affiliate Program EVER!

    "I once read about an affiliate marketer aiming to have 2000+ programs on his site..."

    Man I wish you took a screenshot of that effort when he thought it was a "good" idea lol.
    Yeah Slow down people. Pick a few things to focus on, and Attack.

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    I love the Myths No.8. You’ll Make Millions, Fast!

    I saw this one everywhere and most of them are on my spam folder ;-)

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    No kidding ^ people think Oh if it hits enough people with spam ill make some money.
    Oi. Id rather be friends with a spammer than a frauder though.
    Frauders can smoke rocks :P

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