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Introducing Socialcast by VMWare

</p>Introducing Socialcast by VMware

Socialcast® by VMware
is a private social network for business. Thousands of companies around
the world use Socialcast® as a modern way to connect and communicate in
the workplace. By organizing the day-to-day flow of work into a single
location, accessible from anywhere, on any device, Socialcast allows
employees to discover new people and ideas, work smarter, and focus on
what is most important.

With Socialcast, you can:

  • Add social capabilities to SharePoint, CRM, Intranets, wikis and more
  • Crowd source ideas and accelerate innovation
  • Get answers to questions faster
  • Connect with colleagues any time, on any device
  • Share projects, track tasks, and see progress in real time
  • Create a dynamic, single source of knowledge, information and content
For a limited time, purchase Socialcast for 100 or more users and get 50% off! Simply select the quantity for the number of packs you require and enter code SCBOGO at checkout. Offer ends December 13, 2013 so act fast.

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