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    Groupon builds new website, eyeing marketplace growth
    Been seeing Groupon applying to my affiliate programs lately. Not sure if they are moving to a super affiliate model versus selling deals for promotion. Here's some recent news: Groupon builds new website, eyeing marketplace growth

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    Saw them too. They probably haven't started promoting anything in full force yet because they had a Limited membership on SAS a few weeks ago.
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    Looks like they now have a full-fledged coupon section to compete with their affiliates:

    Online Coupons - Free Coupons & Discount Codes | Groupon

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    Yup...according to their site:
    Free coupons to 5,532 stores.
    We declined them - because we won't allow coupon sites into our new program. We see a competitor (at least one) in their list of 5000+, but we don't want anyone "sniping" our affiliates' cookies.
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