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    I think those Top merchants in CJ especially the ones with $$$$$ network earnings will have a lower paid rate to CJ as a reward. Just like there are a higher paid rate to publisher if they are performing well!

    Offering lower paid rate also means building a better partnership between CJ and the Advertiser. Anyone agree with me?

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    I was sent a spreadsheet once that had a column that seemed to reveal what percentage was paid to CJ for the transaction. It was a lot less than 30%.

    I can't say more for fear of whatever.

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    We all know that eBay is not paying the minimum 30c commission to CJ per transaction in 5c Bids.


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    All of their pricing is up for negotiation. It seems like each advertiser makes their own deal with them (setup fees, length of contract, transaction fees, etc). The more money you bring to the table the more they will deal. All you have to do is ask.

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    It is business, thats' why it is negotiable. The merchants are dealing with people, not the fix script. That's why CJ can be so success.

    I remember when it is lauched few years back, I really wonder if they will success as publishers only can make money by performance, not clicks, not impression. Then it looks like they have forsee the future, clicks and impression advertising no longer works and merchants prefer pay for performance.

    CJ, you are just TOO smart in business!

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    Yeah, they thought up the whole model...

    Up in the air in revenue share

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