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    Wal-Mart cancels absurdly low-priced orders after website snafu

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    This is the main paragraph from the letter they sent out to affiliates.

    "By now you may already know about the site issue we had yesterday. We experienced a technical error that caused many items to show incorrect pricing. Unfortunately, given the wide discrepancy in pricing, we have canceled orders. There will be a delay in commission reporting for yesterday as we want to make sure that we have the right numbers."

    Don't think any of them got reported in the reports as LS is so slow at doing so...
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    I don't know how many orders where placed through the error, but I expected Wal-Mart to take advantage of that and award all of these orders. I know their policy protect them but it would be a really good propaganda specially as the holidays are rolling over

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    Has anyone been paid by Walmart (through LinkShare) lately? Seems like they haven't made a payment in months..... I know they're good for it, but why aren't they paying???

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