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    Mozilla’s Third Party Cookie Blocker Blocked?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sheila K. Fox
    Following an open letter and petition from the IAB, Mozilla has essentially put its third-party cookie blocking technology on indefinite hold. It seems as though pressure from members of Congress and the plea from the IAB that, “if you act on your plan to block third-party cookies in your Firefox browser, thousands of ad-supported small businesses like us may be forced to close,” has finally had an effect.
    Full article here:

    Mozilla's Third Party Cookie Blocker Blocked? - mThink
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    So common sense prevailed? Wondered how long this was going to take to resolve itself. If you can't advertise then you can't sell unless you are an Amazon. If you can't purchase then you can't sell and online merchants go out of business. IAB is in existence as a trade group to protect the business of its members.

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