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Tell-tale signs that a brand still doesn’t understand digital

“One of the problems of working in digital advertising is the echo chamber. Often we speak intensely to each other at the expense of a more dispassionate view of the industry. Since we are all digital enthusiasts, we assume that every brand and every industry invests in online media. Let me assure you: That is not true. There are many traditional advertisers that do not invest at all online.”

International SEO: 22 tools and one infographic to help improve your strategy

“International SEO is a complex challenge for digital marketers due to the intricacies of local languages and customs. Unfortunately it’s not enough to assume that UK companies can expand into Latin America simply by translating their content into Spanish and Portuguese. Luckily there are some free online tools available to make the task slightly simpler and automate some parts of the process.”

The 13 most terrifying marketing campaigns of all time

“Boo! Marketing can be downright frightening. Here are the most horrifying campaigns that will haunt your dreams.”

Halloween Search Activity Offers Hints Of The Season To Come

“Now’s the time for marketers to get their campaigns ready for the holiday season. So what do today’s ghosts in the machine portend about the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?”

Infographic: Understanding The Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

“App install network Appia has created an infographic on “Understanding the Mobile Advertising Ecosystem.” The graphic takes the pulse of consumer behavior and trends in the app and mobile ad world.”