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    Extending cookie duration

    My name is Kevin Teodoro and I am the Owner of We are trying to get more affiliates but the progress is not getting there. We want to get some more feedback if possible.

    Is cookie duration really important and for fashion companies, what is the most reasonable for you as an affiliate.

    We are really trying to earn your trust. Hopefully in the near future we can earn it.

    Any feedback about our program would be helpful!


    Kevin Teodoro

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    Cookies are deleted regularly. Longer cookies are good for perception. The only things that count are conversion, commission, want/need of your product and competitive pricing.

    I'm not sure where your program is but this might help: Finding affiliates in ShareASale.

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    Great post reference. I agree with Greg that cookie duration is not going to make or break you as long as you are in the industry norm.

    You need to recruit qualified affiliates and then market to them like you would a consumer. What makes you different...From the affiliate and consumer perspective.

    Don't be afraid to recruit through social media since social media affiliates can be top affiliates for fashion.
    Stephanie Robbins
    Robbins interactive

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