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    Disappointing BeltOutlet Nov. Coupon PopUp - CJ Merchant - Has a "November Coupon" that when you click on it promotes a percentage off at BeltOutlet (which is good) and a percentage off at their other site (style..something or other) which does not have an affiliate that is not good.

    When merchants do this is just totally bugs me. Here is how it should work--- if I use MY website that I pay for to send traffic to any of YOUR websites where you have the potential to earn money and you make a sale, then I should receive an agreed on amount of commission. Period.

    If I am wrong about the style--something or other not having an affiliate program, please let me know so that I can correct this post.

    They could easily offer affiliate programs on both sites on CJ.

    Does this type of stuff bug you?

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    Yeap, definitely bugs me, too. Sadly I think more and more merchants are doing everything possible to come up with sneaky ways to hurt their affiliates. Not sure if they just do it figuring maybe that most won't even realize it's happening or just arrogance with the attitude they can do it since it will be tolerated by most even if they are aware of it.

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