So I'm new around here, but many years ago I used to promote some CJ stuff, and I'm back for another go at it. I remember back in the day that I always had a problem with Norton Antivirus and other similar programs on certain users' computers blocking my CJ affiliate links so the user couldn't access the offer I was promoting.

I just started promoting an offer on CJ the other day and imagine my shock to see that this is still happening! Does anyone know a fix for this??

It seems like most, if not all, of their tracking domains including,,, etc. are blocked by many popular "security" programs.

After receiving reports of this from several users just today, I was even able to verify this myself using my wife's computer, on which I installed a popular windows program called JV Power Tools awhile back. One of the things it does is block access to "malicious" sites, but it also blocks all of CJ's tracking domains as well. I can only imagine how many different anti-virus, anti-adware, ad-blocker, and other "security" types programs block our links.

I'm obviously going to contact CJ, and the merchant, but I figure I'll be waiting around for replies so figured I'd post here as well.

Hopefully there's a fix or workaround for this? I was going to try CJ's javascript link but the source comes from these same tracking domains so I'm sure that gets blocked as well, not to mention that when using the javascript links I can't seem to format the link text the way I need it to read ...

Grrrr. I won't give up though!