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    Hi, I am not an eBay affiliate nor do I plan to join them because I really don't know HOW TO promote them. Although sometimes I went to ebay, I have never bid anything there.

    I know it is ReAL SeCReT on how you promote this guys. But can you give me some idea on how someone can actually promote them? I can't even think of single keywords which you can BID on nor do I know what kind of website to build.

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    Actually, it's no secret whatsoever. There was an amazing post in these forums by Tracy on how to promote Ebay. Search for it. It works.

    Although I'd never bid on the keywords. Even with a steady 10% CR, my EPC is running under $4. That does not compute to paying for clicks.

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    Ebay sells products. Some products they have regularly in stock, some they don't. Some products are regularly sold with a "Buy it now" button, some are not.


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    I choose to promote Ebay by telling everyone how crummy their program is.

    If you must promote Ebay ("must" is a desperate word), promote and They have a 0% chargeback according to CJ stats.

    Ebay has a 36% chargeback, and for many affiliates it runs much higher than that.

    With a 3 month EPC of $1.68, you'll most likely make the average $1.68 for every 100 people you send them.

    This means that you'll need to send Ebay 1000 people a day just to make $10 and some change.

    Further, if one of those 1000 people get ripped off at Ebay, they may hunt you down for promoting them. Therefore, in promoting Ebay, always give a proper disclaimer.

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    I have had good success with ebay,

    aug $26
    sept $28
    oct $43
    nov $265
    dec $622
    jan $411
    feb $503
    Mar $177 - so far

    starting in november I used the editor kit in the sidebar of my site, simply showing 5 current auctions - not too "in your face" but pertinent to the theme of the page. Reversals are there, but not as bad as others seem to be experiencing. I have no beef with ebay at all.

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    I have Editor Kit pages for eBay and eBay Canada with the search terms my users look for..

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    RedFish, Whatever content is on your page. Think the products related to that content's topic.

    And grap the live link from editor kit or search term link and put it on your site.

    If you have topic of fitness people need exercise equipment on ebay. The link could search on ebay and all product name then when someone click it they go to ebay's page if they are registered they will bid it and new than your luck is good lead give good earning.

    Ebay is great if you have any site where you discuss about product or article try to move visitor to buying something you will do good with ebay. Because if people can't buy new, they try on auction. And mostly anything is available at ebay.

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