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    Is there a way to start over?
    Is there a way that I can completely tear down my site and start from scratch?
    I am not liking the site at all and WP v3.7 has so many bugs that its not funny!
    I feel like I just need to take it down and rework everything.

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    You can do anything you want, just upload another site.

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    Hello Mike,

    As Chuck said, you can just wipe everything and start again from scratch.

    Before you do tho...

    I use WP3.7.1 for one of my sites and am pretty happy with it. Its not perfect but I wouldn't call it buggy.

    If your having problems then the chances are its a problem with one of the plugins you've installed or perhaps the template.

    If I where you I'd start off by deactivating all plugins and then switching to the default template.

    You will probably find that this fixes the problem that youre experiencing.

    If so you then need to reactivate the plugins one at a time untill you find the one that causes problems.

    Sometimes 2 plugins don't work well together. By that I mean that you will find that each works fine on its own but when you activate both they don't work well. In this case you need to decide which of the two you want to use or play with the plugins' settings untill you find out what works.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that some plugins are sensetive to server settings.

    This is specially true of security plugins and cache plugins. You will normally need to tweak the settings untill you find what works with your server.

    Hope this helps

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