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    And So It begins Part 2 (the bad)
    Wow, I had forgotten how vicious people can get at this time of year. It seems like I have a vocal minority are absolutely convinced that I'm cheating them in some way. Items go out of stock and low prices are still displayed? Obviously its a trick to drive traffic. Coupon restrictions prevented them from using the low discount? Obviously I'm trying to bait-and-switch them. Price is too high? I'm involved in price gouging.

    And don't even get me started on people who can't fathom the difference between a website with millions of items and a Sunday Circular. Obviously I'm hand editing every item and setting price traps and various other false advertisements.

    I have a feedback form on my site so I can get reports of problems. It is incredibly useful, but I have to deal with an onslaught of negativity. Bring on the spiked eggnog I'm going to need it!

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    what I like about being an affiliate is that if I want to go to the beach on Cyber Monday I can. Sure I might not make as much as if I had stayed back instead but no one is going to be calling or emailing me and asking where is their products or whatever
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    I was once told "When a chef yells at you, they are yelling at themselves." What followed this pearl of wisdom was an onslaught of swearing regarding the efficacy of my dish washing, and the noted lack of it.

    The point is, a lot of the haters have more problems than your site. Bearing this in mind makes it easier to deal with them; at least for me. Good luck this holiday season.

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