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    I never count how many times in average I open the transaction reports during login on CJ. Always have a big hope that some transactions were suddenly appear, and almost always I leave the page with disappointment Tomorrow would be the same.

    I believe that some of you there are doing same thing like me. I think CJ could reduce this kind of wasting time via some improvement to the balance on top right hand side. I look at the balance that always showing the same figure during login. If the balance rolling when we changed the page and a new transaction added during login, then we certainly rerun our reports only when we saw the balance has changed


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    The balance at the top ususally does change. The only way to stop all this time wasting would be for CJ to only update reports once a day like the other affiliate programs, but that would not be as much fun.
    Think how much time we could waste if all affiliate programs updated in real time. We would be logging into all of them all day long.

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    I was on my reports last week and accidently hit my F5 (refresh) button.

    My balance had jumped up over $200. I'll have to try that more often.

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    I was on my reports last week and accidently hit my F5 (refresh) button.

    My balance had jumped up over $200. I'll have to try that more often.

    I just tried that. But I guess you actually have to have *sales* to make the balance go up! Pressing the F5 button alone isn't enough to do it. Darn...thought we'd discovered something here! LOL!


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