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Thread: iSkin New Product Release Just in Time for Christmas!

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    iSkin New Product Release Just in Time for Christmas!
    iSkin New Product Release Just in Time for Christmas!

    For all the abuse our laptops take on a day-to-day basis, maybe the keyboard needs a little helper this Christmas with one of the new iSkin ProTouch Keyboard Protectors.

    Starting at $24.99 Pro Touch Keyboard Protectors from iSkin make a great small gift for a friend, family member, or coworker and offer the ultimate in keyboard protection. Check out the 6 different styles we are now offering - there’s a perfect fit for everyone!

    ProTouch Classic: ProTouch Classic gives you pure and clean transparent protection for your MacBook or Apple Keyboard.

    ProTouch Kids: Typing is fun again with the new ProTouch Kids. Larger, color coded key characters highlight vowels, numbers and symbols for easy typing.

    ProTouch Visual Assistant: ProTouch Visual Assist helps those with poor vision or tired eyes to better see the keyboard characters while typing.

    ProTouch App Assist: With multiple layouts and a plethora of controls, the ProTouch App Assist for Traktor Pro uses a patented color-coded system which allows you to quickly and efficiently find commands on the keyboard.

    ProTouch Languages: Convert your keyboard to an international layout with ProTouch Languages.

    ProTouch FX: Keyboard protetction does not have to be boring or lack creativity. The ProTouch FX series brings fun and cool patterns to the keyboard while providing effective protection against daily hazards.

    Not joined to the iSkin program? Join the program on Affiliate Window today and start earning 20% commission on all sales!

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