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    Why do some programs not let you post coupons or sales til day it starts?
    Ok, I actually do know reasons for doing this but is still very annoying. Won't name names but a program sends email with the offers. Offer one starts tomorrow so I click link in email to generate the link. Log into network to find out there is no link. Hmm, ok well maybe was a mistake so go and try another one. Same result. Hmmm, what's with this? Ok, took me a minute but the lil light bulb goes off and realize they're not gonna let me get the link til tomorrow. (and then next offer following day, etc., etc. ) This goes on for a while til gets closer to the holiday and figure surely they're not gonna keep this up. Yeap, they are.

    Do they not trust their affiliate if an offer doesn't start til the next day or any day for that matter to not post the day the offer starts and ends? Evidently not. (uhh brings me back to knowing reasons for doing this) Understand that reason but is very annoying to an affiliate who would post the info for the offer.

    Yeap, know somebody will say they have a datafeed that lists the offers or they pay someone to do it or they're just a whole lot smarter than me and are able to automate it and not be worried about it. lol but still for any of the lil guys that don't have any of that and do it themselves...... grrrrrr

    To any of you affiliate managers who I haven't told lately........

    Thank you very much for sending emails with links to generate the link (or link included in email) and including the day offer starts and ends. Is very much appreciated and apologize for not constantly reminding you that it is. Thank you for doing so To those of you who don't. Grrrrrrr am gonna tell Santa on ya
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