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    non receipt of opt-in emails
    I have a double opt in system (signup, email sent with link to verify), but I am finding that quite a few people are not receiving the verification emails, normally its to hotmail accounts but there may be others.

    What steps can I take to ensure that my verification emails get through.

    I have:
    enabled DKIM
    SPF is v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:[ip address here] ľall

    I also request that the domain be whitelisted.

    Any further suggestions?


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    Getting emails to deliver from your website to an email address has long been one of the most complex things of the web. Good job on adding the spf as many don't know about that. I caught a client setup last week that had those emails sending "from" whatever @ and also delivering "to" so make sure the from address is actually using the submitter's email.

    If you're using a shared hosting server you'll have more potential of those emails not arriving the recipient. So, you might look into dedicated servers to host your website and at least a static IP if you do go the shared hosting route. Then at least you're not at the mercy of "other" hosting accounts getting blacklisted and impacting your sending routines.

    If the problem persists, you might try testing with an intermediary like sendgrid.

    The next step after that is going the big time by getting a dedicated "email" server.
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    Thanks for your help.

    If I understand correctly, it’s all about making my address a recognisably safe location.

    Just one quick question. I use noreply @ this email address actually exists but is forwarded to :blackhole:

    Any issues with this? if yes, any advice?

    I am leaning towards a VPS with three IP’s. A dedicated is too much of on overkill at the moment.

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    Thanks Marty,

    New VPS with own IP's, I added PTR record, I simplified the headers I am sending and I am now only getting bounces from unknown email addresses.

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    You may want to look into 3rd party SMTP. It could save your domain reputation and a lot of headaches.

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