Hello, ABW Friends!

Did you ever use a datafeed?
Did you ever promote a Deal-of-the-Day for tees?
Did you ever stream product info before now?
Well, we can show you. We know how.

If you never used a datafeed, we really think you should.
Datafeeds are profit machines, and profit machines are good!

Please visit your affiliate portal for step-by-step instructions on implementing RIPTapparel.com's new Deal-of-the-Day datafeed, or feel free to contact us for assistance by email: RIPT@AffiliateManager.com or by phone at (407) 425-4718.

And don't forget: through Monday, December 16th with coupon code head2013, RIPTapparel continues to offer shoppers $10 OFF a much-wished-for-Christmas-gift: design-per-day, limited edition Headphones!

For AvantLink tracking, please reference the text and banner link info below.

1. Text Link: Holiday Sale: $10 OFF Headphones with promo code head2013 from 11/21/2013 through 12/16/2013 at RIPTapparel - SHOP EARLY!

Text Link Ad Title: Holiday Sale 2013

Promo: Holiday Sale: $10 OFF Headphones
Link to Promo: https://www.riptapparel.com/
Code: head2013
Start: 11/21/2013
End: 12/16/2013

Thank you!