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    Which WordPress Facebook Plugin work well?
    I build a wordpress site and want to connect it to facebook. First, I tried to use wordbooker plug in, but the posts came from wrodpress didn't show at my fans home. My fans can only read the posts I wrote from facebook directly.
    I also tried facebook plug in but it didn't work well, either.
    An recommend plugin that I can try??

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    Take a look at JetPack- made by the WordPress folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    Take a look at JetPack- made by the WordPress folks.
    JetPack. I will try it. Thanks a lot!

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    I've used Jetpack many of times, it's outstanding. You'll enjoy it for sure. The fact that it doesn't just integrate with facebook but other social media sites like tumblr, and twitter. That's a nice feature to have!

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    You can try with Social Sticker !

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    I use SNAP from NextScripts which is highly customizable and seems to work pretty well. It supports several social media sites (including Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbler, Facebook) along with other things like other WordPress blogs (via remote publishing), vBulletin and more. It also allows you to configure multiple accounts for each site, so you can have it go to multiple Facebook timelines/pages if you wanted. It's free, though there is a premium paid version that adds additional API-less networks such as Pinterest and Google+

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