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    Winners, Losers, and the rest in 2013
    Strange year - but if anything is constant in life, and this industry is no exception, is change.


    LinkShare - as much as it pains me to say this, Linkshare's policy of no longer charging for datafeeds was a huge plus. Brand name merchants DO make a difference. Still hate the 90 day transaction edit window and their reporting among other things. Bottom line is they added a lot to our bottom line in 2013.

    Commission Junction: Was on the fence with CJ, more emotion I suspect but still had a 2% increase over 2012. A gain is a gain.


    GAN merchants - not one merchant from GAN recovered for us on another network. There were glimpes and flashes but those turned into fizzles. Biggest problem was feed data on the new networks were inferior to GAN's.


    Shareasale - Still like the network. Some really good merchants. However, they're just not in our main niche. Looking to create a new web property in 2014 to accommodate those merchants.

    AvantLink - Again, great niche merchants but we didn't capitalize on those niches enough. 2014 will be better.

    PJ/PJN/PJX/eBayEAN - Just like GAN was still on it's original platform, so is eBayEAN. Too many no-name clone merchants. One shining star - Abt.

    AffiliateWindow - lack of unique merchants for the US market kept them on the back burner with us. However, big plans for them in 2014 as they are making improvements in many areas that we like and they have great presence on ABW with Jeannine - They should be in the "WINNERS" column next year.

    Impact Radius - just not enough there to overcome the cumbersome platform.

    Overall 2013 was a winner, not global domination winning, but saw increases and still in business...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Thanks for your kind words about Affiliate Window. We keep striving to always improve in every area, and I'm glad you like what you see. Knowing what's in the works for 2014, I think you'll be quite pleased with future announcements. Wishing you and everyone a very Happy Prosperous 2014!

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    Sorry to hear about your GAN woes. The GAN-Bomb was strange for us as merchants too. We even still get traffic with GAN trackers some how, some of it converts and I try to contact the publisher to get them on another network and create a manual transaction but I never hear from them. I even found a niche pool site with the corpse of GAN banners (GANners?) still on their site.

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