I have a site that is getting a surprising amount of Windows phone traffic from Canada, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Mexico & Turkey. I need to find affiliate programs that:

  • Service those countries
  • Describe *accurately* the countries they service (many don't)
  • Pay to USA citizens electronically (no foreign bank cheques)
  • Have sites or pages optimized for mobile phones

Currently I am having a difficult time monetizing this traffic. Can someone give me some pointers on how to find some programs that meet this criteria, especially in the the video games, music, and electronics related categories?

I know Amazon & eBay have mobile phone SDK's, but only for iPhone & Android phones. Currently my company is a CJ and LinkShare participant, but I've found that many (understatement) of the affiliate programs I've looked at have completely erroneous country lists published. I know I can contact their program managers but I have found that a hit or miss experience as far as getting a reply. That's why I'd really like to know of some good affiliate programs in the above countries, or at least some tips on how to find them.