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    Question What could go wrong with a chat app on your site?
    A chat app for your site sounds cool.
    "Open source" and "free" sounds cool.
    I was going to ask if people could imagine what could go wrong if
    an open source chat app was installed within a site.
    Okay, so tell me horror stories of hackers hacking and anything else
    that could go wrong

    Meanwhile, I'll tell you what I found that prompted the above
    Kandan is a free open source chat app that supports: Searchable Message History; File Uploads; Multiple Chat Room Management; Shared Room Audio; Easy deploy to with CloudFoundry, Heroku, dotCloud, etc.; Collaborative team chat; Unlimited channels.
    Kandan - A free open-source chat app

    Here it is:
    a lot of info & stuff on that page^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    Okay, no one has warned me of any hazardous possibilities
    from using a cool app like this on my site

    So how would you use the Multiple Chat Room Management of Kandan?
    Any great ideas on how to put the chat app to work?

    The installation looks somewhat complicated, but do you think this is a
    worthwhile chat app to install?
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    I've never used one on my site, but still remember the days when some hosts didn't allow them (years ago, things have changed since then!).

    The app you mentioned doesn't seem to have issues and looks pretty cool - it requires Ruby on Rails which is pretty standard in hosting now.

    Not sure why, but I think Convergence might have an opinion..

    My only two cents worth - which might be stating the obvious (!) - is to install/test on a unused domain before going live. I've had things go wrong when I least expected it.

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    I would suggest if the chat facility has the option of text and audio, that you block urls from being processed via the chat, as some unscrupulous people may do a "take a look at this piccie of X" and install a trojan and then the user blames you for hosting the software that allowed them to be so gullible in the first place
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    If it is possible to be exploited - then someone will exploit it.

    I recently had an entire reseller account over at WebHostingBuzz exploited - on a variety of sites - some plain HTML and some Wordpress. Over the years I have had individual sites hacked but have never had an an entire account, that the host was managing, exploited. 18 of 20 sites had landing pages for phishing emails installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teezone View Post

    Not sure why, but I think Convergence might have an opinion.
    As Bill stated, if it can be exploited, it will - whether it's Open Source or not.

    We use a program that was Open Source years ago - they have since made it a subscription based service - we have heavily modified it.

    Number one problem with Live Chat/Support is the number of people asking where their orders are and if we could get them manuals for things. Oh, and on our non-affiliate sites, customers just want to say "Hi" and chit-chat, lol.

    We don't use it as much anymore for chat, mainly for monitoring live traffic. If we see someone spending a lot of time browsing products/pages we will pop in and ask how we can be of assistance...
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    Thanks everyone for the comments
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