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    Creating bookmark packs with aff links - is it a good idea?

    I am running a travel forum, which I am trying to monetize with affiliate links for flight, hotel reservations, etc. Most of the people in my community want to help, but I guess they are too lazy to look for and click my links or they forget, etc.

    I have an idea to create bookmark packages with all of my affiliate links, which they can import in their browser favourites.

    My questions is if it is a good idea, in the sense that it is not against the rules or something that is frowned upon? I tried to read the rules of few programs and there is nothing explicitly forbidding it, but the wording sometimes is confusing, so I am not 100% sure it will be fine.
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    One problem I see is that there will be no referrers for all these clicks. A lot of merchants get squirrelly about that.

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