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Thread: Brussels Airlines takes off on Affiliate Window!

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    Brussels Airlines takes off on Affiliate Window!
    Brussels Airlines takes off on Affiliate Window!

    Brussels Airlines offers a broad range of worldwide flight connections with a choice of flexible, no-nonsense low-cost one-way fares to over 50 premium European destinations and medium/long-haul flights daily to Moscow, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Africa as well as 14 destinations in the USA.

    As an affiliate on the Brussels Airlines program on Affiliate Window, you have the opportunity to earn the following commission based on route booked and number of bookings generated:

    Commission Model

    Flights from/to Africa & Tel Aviv*******

    Per Sale | 1-4 bookings: $9

    Per Sale | 5-9 bookings: $11

    Per Sale | 10-14 bookings: $13

    Per Sale | 15-29 bookings: $16

    Per Sale | 30 bookings or more: $20

    European flights from Brussels

    Per Sale | 1-99 bookings: $2

    Per Sale | 100-299 bookings: $2.5

    Per Sale | 300 bookings or more: $3

    Flights to Brussels from other European airports / Flights through Brussels******

    Per Sale | 1-14 bookings: $8

    Per Sale | 15-29 bookings: $9

    Per Sale | 0-79 bookings: $10

    Per Sale | 80-299 bookings: $11

    Per Sale | 300 bookings or more: $12

    Exclusive commission segments are available; if you can offer higher exposure for Brussels Airlines, please get in touch.

    The Brussels Airlines affiliate program offers a broad range of creative to help you generate more sales, however, if you need any other sort of creative or marketing message, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you achieve your best.

    This program works with a Last-Click-Counts tracking gateway. With this setup a commission is only rewarded to the publisher or online marketing channel for which the last click before the transaction was recorded. In order to ensure correct attribution of commissions, only links officially provided in the network can be used. If you want to use custom deep links you must contact your Account Manager at nonstopConsulting to ensure they are working properly!

    Questions? Please get in touch with either Jesse Ashkin [] or [ @ partnermail . info ]

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