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    Question Hypothetical Situation asking for real life responses.
    I am building and creating a website for a specific type of reader, say pediatric physicians. I have solid content and am gathering a followership.

    I want to monetize my site. My knowledge and time is limited. I concentrate on providing content to my desired audience. For my readers, I want to engage with those who can supply quality vendors and products with a minimal amount of my interaction. However, I am protective of my followership who I work hard to cultivate as readers. I want to convert them to purchasers. I want them to have a satisfactory online purchasing experience from my site.

    If I seek a relationship with an affiliate network what are the systems and protocols in place to maintain quality service? Are merchants subject to quality review; are advertisements validated; is the purchasers experience considered, reported and reviewed???

    I hope that this isn't too broad of a series of questions… Thanks in advance to those affiliate network gurus and anyone else who offer responses.

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    I'm glad to tell you about how things work at Affiliate Window.

    We do review our merchants before we ever permit them on our network; we don't take everyone. We review their product offerings, and the website must function well. We do multiple test purchases to ensure that not only does their shopping cart work, but so does their datafeed and their mobile applications as well. In fact as the Account Manager, I have a five page checklist of things which must be right before the program goes live, and our tech team has their own separate list too.

    Merchants can still go live quickly on AWin, even with all these protocols, but we wouldn't want to do things any other way, because we believe this protects both the affiliates and the merchant.

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    is the purchasers experience considered, reported and reviewed???
    You drive traffic to the merchant's site and the sale takes place there. Affiliate pre-sell the consumer as in a review site but once they are redirected to the merchant site you have no insight other than time and date of sale.

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    Thank You Jeannine and Chuck...Still working on my site. Slow and steady.Being diligent and tying to keep my mistakes to a minimum.

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