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As we begin a new year and the holiday season seems a distant memory, we are taking a moment to look back at what we achieved in 2013 and give a glimpse into what’s coming in 2014.

The year of mobile has been mentioned exhaustively, but 2013 was truly the year of mobile for us. Mobile efforts included:

Mobile Tracking Ensured: In early 2013, we launched an initiative to ensure advertisers without tracking on their mobile sites were diverting mobile traffic through to the desktop version of the site. This meant publishers were fairly rewarded for the sales they were driving through mobile handsets. This was put in place as an interim measure and as soon as advertisers added tracking to their mobile sites, all traffic was sent back to the mobile site to ensure a fully optimized mobile customer journey. Currently, we’re tracking more than 95% of our advertisers’ m-commerce sales making us the leading CPS affiliate network in the mobile space. We remain committed to driving that number ever closer to 100% in 2014.

Mobile Device Performance Reports: On November 1st, we introduced mobile device performance reports that allow users to understand and optimize their affiliate activity for each device type (tablet, handset), or individual device (Apple iPad, Android tablet); providing insight into clicks, transactions, sale amount, commission, EPC, AOV and conversion rate. Publishers are now able to understand how advertisers perform across mobile devices and see their top mobile performers. Advertisers can also drill down to mobile performance by individual affiliate. We are committed to showcasing mobile success stories through data insights in 2014.

Monthly mobile reports: Each month we publish our latest mobile statistics highlighting mobile sales, traffic, conversions, and average order values. All of this information is broken down by device type to provide full transparency. We also published two mobile white papers and infographics demonstrating the growth of the mobile revolution within digital marketing.

We further launched MyAW – one of our best received initiatives in 2013. This Google Chrome extension for publishers, adds a button to the Chrome toolbar. Publishers can join programs, quickly generate shortened tracker links, custom URLs, links to specific product pages, and create ‘one click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. See more on our YouTube page.

In 2013 Affiliate Window welcomed some major global brands onto the network including Virgin Atlantic and Hyatt.

Our dedicated compliance team is responsible for ensuring the network is at the forefront of affiliate quality and preventing abuse of our advertiser’s programs. As a network, we pride ourselves on our strong ethical stance and ‘zero tolerance’ approach when it comes to suspicious activity. Our suite of tools monitors all search engines and removes hidden adware and spyware, protecting against fraud. We also initiated ‘soft click’ functionality for remarketing and retargeting affiliates in order to ensure affiliates that played an earlier part in the purchase path remain rewarded for their promotional efforts.

These are just a few of the fantastic achievements from 2013, and we look forward to growing and enhancing our suite of tools and reports based on your feedback.

Into 2014

In the next few months, our new datafeed platform will be released allowing advertisers to provide additional details about their products, making it easier for publishers to find accurate product information.

Expect to see additional influencer reports highlighting the contribution of affiliates across the whole affiliate purchasing path as well as extra interface upgrades.

This year we have made a commitment to utilize our best in class business intelligence reporting tools to create research reports on various sectors including ticketing, travel and fashion so keep in touch over the next few months so we can ensure you’re updated.

We will also commit to robust compliance upgrades to ensure we protect existing affiliates’ traffic and drive

Stay updated throughout 2014

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