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    Of course when I saw a $300+ sale get reversed due to "invalid credit card", I went looking and saw over a 61% charge back ratio I couldn't believe it..

    Is there any limit that CJ will allow a merchant to charge back? Does anyone else think this is excesive and basically fraud?

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    January 17th, 2005

    I don't think there is a limit CJ has. Maybe it is a 90% reversal, beats me.

    BTW it looks like shoes ave is bringing their reversal rate down. I think it was in the 80% plus at one time. I could be wrong though. I know I had 100% reversal with them when I gave them a shot a long, long time ago.

    IMO they are a typical merchant that almost proves that CJ will keep any merchant to collect their fees. Pretty discusting if you ask me. There are many more like them.

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    Shoe stores tend to have high-reversal rates, although generally due to returns instead of invalid credit cards.

    I don't think CJ has a limit on charge backs, but you can always choose which to promote. I usually check the reversal rate before I join merchants. Depending on the category, I usually try to avoid merchants with reversal rates of 10-20% or higher.

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    Goog Point Joey..

    That's what we do as well but we do keep those on board that have high reversal rates but also give us a high yield.

    Shoes Avenue is BY FAR our worst merchant.. I don't really spend any money advertising them or else I would drop them........ Here's what they have done for us over the last 3 years........ 179 sales, 176 reversals.. $224 commissions...

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    It would be a smart move for CJ to bring a law suit on some of their high reversal merchants for outright theft. Enough of the spin tactics we'd all appreciate CJ tar & feathering a few of their obvious thieving merchants.

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    Todd indicated in one of his posts that CJ is going to take a look at merchants that don't perform well, just as they've done with publishers that don't perform. I'd assume that would include merchants with high charge backs.

    It's about time, and I'll believe it when I see it. Just like overhauling the E-mail system at CJ...


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