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Three Key Steps Towards a Customer-Focused Digital Transformation

“Here is a modern day ‘the chicken or the egg’ scenario. What came first, a business’s digital capabilities or a customer’s need for digital relevance from businesses? Does it really matter? What does matter is that businesses must be digitally wired with a consumer-focused mind set in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive landscape.”

Retailers Prep Mobile Sites for Final Holiday Sales Push

“All of the five top-ranked retailers in the mobile commerce index this week use strategies to help make their mobile sites load quickly and accurately, Keynote says. Just as many e-retailers prepare their e-commerce sites for the online holiday sales season by making sure they load quickly and accurately, at least some retailers extended those site design and performance best practices to their mobile commerce sites as well this December, according to web performance monitoring firm Keynote Systems Inc.”

How to Optimize Your Marketing in Real Time

“Attention is the currency of the Internet, and the brands that can capture and capitalize on it stand to gain a great deal. Their conversions increase, their acquisition rate will improve and their bounce rate will lower. Perhaps just as importantly for businesses, marketers will be able to know if the time and money they invested in creating a campaign was well spent.”

Google’s Top 2013 Search Terms In Asia Hint At Online Trends That Might Go Global

“2013 might be remembered as the year Asian companies started making an undeniable impact on consumer Internet habits around the world. For example, just back in January, MG Siegler warned TechCrunch readers that “trying to suggest that Samsung is not one of the most important companies in technology is increasingly folly.” Now it’s the world’s leading mobile maker (though its rapid growth may have finally plateaued).”

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

“Since we’re all taking stock of 2013, this last article of the year issues a challenge to marketers to take hold of at least one of these resolutions and really drive some progress in 2014. Online marketing is our profession too, so whatever progress you make reflects back on us all. Let’s step it up!”