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    Question Suggestions for efficient affiliate management program
    Hi! I have a question. I am an affiliate marketer with quite a few excellent affiliate management organizations and merchants. I'm working on multiple sites. I'm a newbie to AM and WP, but I'm learning lots very fast, sifting through all the BS to the really pertinent stuff.

    My niche is quite specialized. I have approached a couple of manufacturers to solicit their interest in further promoting their products via one or more of our sites. They DO NOT have an affiliate management program in place, and both have definitely withstood the test-of-time and are highly successful.

    Is there an affiliate software or other management program that does an excellent job that I can incorporate into my WP sites whereby I could actually track the products I am selling of theirs via my sites?

    The one merchant is quite interested in forming a relationship but desires to keep extra work on their end to a minimum. I will speak with the other person later today in more detail as I'm unsure if they have an affiliate program in place that simply isn't published on their site as is the case quite often. They know what an affiliate program is so I'm hopeful they already have something in place. I'm not in a financial position to buy physical inventory at this time, which presents a bit more challenge.

    They both have top notch quality products that I would like to promote. Obviously, we would need an affiliate agreement with an agreed-upon commission structure -- it would just be maintained on my end vs. theirs. Hope I'm making sense. My background is contract management and procurement, so I'm aware of what needs to be in writing.

    If there is something I can implement, I'd love to know about it so I can get this in place ASAP. In addition, as my sites become more stable down the road, I could expand my own affiliate program.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    I know they want to keep the work on their side to a minimum, but would they at least be willing to put code on their site to report sales?

    There are solutions that they could use for an in-house program, or some networks really just offer tracking if they want to do either of those. Depending on their product, the program may have interest for other affiliates in addition to you. Affiliate marketing can be a low cost, easily implemented source of incremental sales for many companies, but they will need to do at least some of the work on their side to make it happen.

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    Have you considered offering a dropship relationship with them. You would have to add a cart and they would supply the product info and pricing. Orders go through your cart and merchant account, you short them wholesale rate and pay them. Shipping would have to be worked out and you would be responsible for customer service to an extent. Good news is you own the customer information and can remarket to them. Check out discussions here: Drop Shipping - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

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