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Kaspersky for Small Business

Kaspersky for Small Business

Kaspersky isn’t just for personal use! Kaspersky has the protection beyond the core offerings that everyone is familiar with and can help protect small businesses as well! There are two great options for Kaspersky Small Business.

Small Office Security:

  • World-class anti-malware for Window-based PC’s and file servers
  • Secures your PCs and servers from one PC
  • Conveniently manages your employees web use… and more

  • Award-winning, multi-layer anti-malware
  • Endpoint controls – Application, Device & Web
  • Mobile security & mobile device management… and more

The commission opportunity for these products are vast! The price of Small office is $149.95 and prices go all the way up to $769.95. At a commission rate of 20%, this is a sure way to help increase your commissions!

These products are perfect for all those customers who may be shopping for home and also own a small business of their own! Pick up your links and help protect those small businesses!

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