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    LivingSocial Reclassifying Products Mid-Promotion
    LivingSocial is running a Costco deal right now. Yesterday it was classified such that it earned 5%. This morning I woke up and they re-classified the product, with 3 days left on the promotion, so that it now earns 0.10%.

    They did NOT email or notify affiliates of this change. Just went in and did it.

    I'm obviously disappointed in them. I have a polite, but direct email in to my affiliate manager about this.

    If you were me, what would you communicate to your affiliate manager and what request, if any, would you make of them (besides "get me out of your program")?

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    Yes I would let them know you are not happy about them doing this without notifying affiliates. That said, I doubt it will get you anywhere. (That was my experience.)

    Also, did you notice that they switched, a while back, to "Number of Occurrences 1" which means you will not get any commission on further sales to the same customer, even if your cookie is still valid. By contrast, other top sites that feature cheap deals have "Number of Occurrences: Unlimited."

    My guess is that many affiliate don't notice details like this, and LS works it to their advantage. That's why I think it's important to let LS know you noticed. Maybe the message will finally get through.

    I dropped them a year ago. In their early days, they bought ad space on my sidebar and offered me their best affiliate revshare. I had their ear and would point out things like this. After saying they would look into it, nothing ever got solved. Over time, I began to see more and more shenanigans like the one you describe. The buzz among affiliate was that LS conversions were dropping fast, but no one could figure out why.

    The worst, for me, was when I expanded my business from local to national, and also changed my domain name, redirecting the old site to new. I don't know when or how it got hacked, but someone changed the redirect of my old high-ranking local domain name to the LS Facebook page. Not saying I know who did it. Mine was not the only site this happened to, either. Just saying.

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