The three-line love letter competition has already started! By now, we received over 120 entries from the participants. Most of them give a relaxed, romantic and beautiful poetic feeling for us. Following I would like to share some popular outputs with you.
Your eyes - my joy!
I love them, I love you.
Without them I can not live even a day!
(by KavKaz)

I'm you
You're me
Us be together forever!
(by Serebro)

You are my sweetie.
I'm your bunny.
We'll be together forever.
(by River)

You are my princess.
You're the queen of my dreams.
Love you like a love Chinese rice)))
(by Marat)

One day I met you.
Once everything suddenly changed.
One day you will be mine.
(by Shakh)

Even if we fight
Even if we yell at each other
No matter what happen, i will always love you and be with you
(by m69dheeraj)

Your touch feels so right...
Your smile brought me to life
Your kiss makes me surrender and wanna be your wife!
(by silvi_shopping)

I love you more today than i did yesterday
But less than i will love you tomorrow
Because everyday my love for you grows more
(by Beki)

Letters are brief, but the love is long! What are you waiting for? Just speak out the love from your heart and win the big prize!
Welcome to our Three-Line Love Letter competition.

Best Regards,
Banggood Affiliate Team