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    Unhappy How to activate sales on ShareaSale with Affilaites?
    Hey guys. Here is the thing, I am running a program on SAS, While there is no sales at all. I have sent newsletter for valentine's day and upload new banners. But no sales for that.

    I want to know how to activate the affiliates. BTW, the amount of affiliates in my program is just over 200. Do I need to recruit more?


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    Start with the 200, pull a report and find the ones sending clicks. That's traffic. Now review their site and make sure they have you positioned correctly. If they are unrelated to your product/service you can remove them or ignore. If related then email them through the network offering advice on how best to position you. Once you run through this move on to recruiting. Recruiting takes 90 to 120 days so optimize your joined affiliates first.

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    Thanks Chuck, I am gonna do it now!

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