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    Talking looking for free Affiliate wordpress theme
    HI guys im trying to make a website using wordpress. Im looking for a free affiliate wordpress theme. I have been searching the net and some suggested but it's not free. There are lots of eCommerce themes but some say it's hard to make if you are using it for affiliate. can anyone suggest me a free affiliate wordpress theme? Thanks

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    Here's an article that says: 10 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013
    10 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013

    You have to go through them to see which one(s) would work for your affiliate site.

    You could also look through:

    You need to make the decision as to which one would be best for your affiliate site.
    There are many free themes to choose from.
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    Are you sure you want to go with a free theme? I find that free themes tend to have bugs or poor coding. It would probably be better if you spent like $25-35 on a professional theme at I believe that themes created by authors are first tested and analyzed (to ensure that it follows strict coding principles) by a team of professionals before the author is allowed to sell them at ThemeForest.

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    Check out the free version of the Responsive theme..

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    If you're looking specifically for an affiliate theme for WP, especially a free one, you're doing it backwards. You need to think through exactly what you want to feature on your site and how you want to offer your affiliated merchants' products/services -- THEN look for a theme that will do what you want.

    No, you really don't need to pay for a theme to find a good one. But you do need to be careful of what free themes you wish to use. The recommendations for free themes above are all good to look at. (Personally, I have never used a paid theme from ThemeForest, mostly because I've never seen one there that I personally thought worth spending money for.

    The free version of the Responsive theme is one I've looked at and I would agree it would be a good place to start.

    Depending on your knowledge of WP and your comfort with choosing from a ton of user options. you might also look at the Atahualpa theme.

    And as far as trustworthy free themes, I would imagine you could trust any of the free themes in the theme repository at -- after all, they are the ones who created and maintain WP, so I doubt they'd let any nasty coding into the themes they distribute from their sites.

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    I agree with Gary. Work from your customer backwards. What do they need? What would they like to see on the site in terms of content/promotions.

    I fact what do you mean by "affiliate theme" anyways? Please specify what that means. Certainly you're not thinking of a banner farm site with just a bunch of promotions, I hope.

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    I agree with the Writer Guy.

    Check your chosen theme for any hidden scripts that may cause trouble in the future.

    There is a WP plugin to do this, but I have forgotten the name. It has been a long time since I used a free theme.....At one time I used several.
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    I was looking for free affiliate style WordPress themes on Google and it took me back here - Gotta love this site!

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    Gotta be careful with any third party themes. Will they maintain support and upgrades. It would be a shame to put a lot of work into one theme - to fide youse site broken at the next WP upgrade.

    BTW, I use the actual Wordpress provided themes for that very reason. My best hotel reservations sites for niche locations are based on the old Twenty-Ten theme. A colleague and I just started collaborating on a photography site (railroad, trains, etc.) and we're using Twenty-Fourteen. (Not the site in the watermark.)

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    Good advice - I'll look into them right now.

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    I agree with Bill - most of my WP sites still use the 2010, or the 2014 which I really love.

    The only paid themes I use for some sites are through Headway, which is really exceptional, but very pricy (I bought a lifetime license a few years back at a great closeout price but now they only have yearly deals).

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    Great advice. Especially for a newb like me who doesn't even think of this kind of stuff.

    How do you guys feel about using a Genesis theme (which I happen to be using now)?

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    Great advice everyone from ....
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    ok... so it's kind of disrespectful of everyone on this site to just make innocuous comments at the end of threads to spam your business. How about it OVERFLOWCAFE ? CUT IT OUT!
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