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    Wink Newbie needing advice !

    I am a newbie to this forum but wanted to ask some advice on my affiliate site.

    Being an avid music fan I decided to start a link based site dedicated to giving customers details of new events in the UK.

    I started the site last October and intially used google adwords and gained around 800 clicks per day.

    However due to lack of funds I was unable to continue with this advertising method.

    Can anyone suggest which advertising methods are worth doing for my industry ?

    I have tried using Twitter and Facebook with little result so far.

    Being top of google when someone types "lady gaga tickets " is pretty impossible so was looking at best way to get exposure of my site.

    Thanks in advance everyone .
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    You've picked a very competitive niche. I have sites in the music niche myself. It could be a long time before you see some real success. So I hope you are in it for the long haul. And buying traffic is a very expensive way to go. You should at least start with some SEO and try and get some free traffic.

    Have you done any keyword research yet to find more winnable keywords. If you've been using AdWords then you know about the Keyword Planner tool. See if that can help you find easier keywords to rank for. There are other tools out there too like Market Samurai and Wordtracker. Here's a great article on Moz to help you get started. How To Do Keyword Research - The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz

    And if Twitter and Facebook aren't working for you then you are just not doing it right. Music is a natural for FB and there are tons of Groups that you can join that focus on music. Remember on Social Media you are networking not selling. So remember the cardinal rule of networking - Givers Gain. Offer your advice and experience and be sure to drive people back to your site with links to your great content. If you don't have lots of great, helpful content on your site, start creating it.

    It is a long slog but if you remember the 3 P's you'll succeed. Persistence, Patience, and Perseverance.

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    February 12th, 2014
    Thanks for the advice.

    In the UK there are plenty of music information sites I agree.
    However my niche is that I update the website for ticket onsales a few times a day giving customers the opportunity to purchase tickets before they sell out.

    I will research winnable keywords as suggested and use the tools you have advised.

    With regards to social media you make a very good point.I have focussed on selling rather than networking.I will offer advice and hope this drives people to my site and in turn to purchase.

    My aim is to have regular customers who check the site daily to check any new ticket onsales.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    My site has around 400 clicks on the links (not visits to the site) per day.

    What numbers do you think I should be aiming for ?

    Do you have any advice on how I can persuade people to save my site as a "Favourite" and regularly return ?

    Can you see any improvements I could make to my site ?

    Your advice is much appreciated



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    October 3rd, 2005
    Safety Harbor, Florida
    Not sure what you mean by "400 clicks on the links." Are you talking about the navigation links?

    The main thing to remember is your 1st job is to create credibility and trust. People will not take your recommendations until they like and trust you. You create that trust by offering helpful information and positioning/branding yourself as an expert and an authority in your niche.

    I'd like to see a "value proposition statement" somewhere in your header. That's "what's in it for them" when someone comes to your site. It should be somewhere in your header so whatever page someone lands on they can learn immediately "what's in it for them" if they stick around.

    Also what is your Bounce Rate and Time On Site from your Google Analytics? That should tell you whether you are engaging your visitors or not. Those are critical metrics to let you know if your site is working.

    And remember, just because you get traffic, your job is not over. You still have to move those visitors through your Sales Cycle and get them to take the action you want — your Most Wanted Response.

    So clearly understand your Sales Cycle and make sure you have a path (via your Navigation) to lead people to that MWR. A bunch of banners is not going to get it done. You have to offer links within your great content (contextual links) to great Preselling content that warms them up and puts them in a buying mood. Those are the links that work, not banners.

    Also your design is not great! I bet your competition has much more compelling looking websites. The bar is set high, so you have to a least reach that bar and hopefully exceed it in your niche.

    But design is less important than your content. You MUST have great helpful content with a strong point of view that makes someone say "I want to hang with this guy." That's what will get people to come back... not just a bunch of banners and links to what you are selling.

    In Affiliate Marketing your role is to use your credibility to create credibility for your merchants. Until you have your own credibility you can't do that.

    Once you have your own and then you use it to create credibility and trust for your merchants, that's when your conversion rate will go up and you'll start making money.

    Remember what someone said... "People love to buy but they hate to be sold." Your site has to make people feel like they aren't being sold and that your goal is to help them. Again, that's when people will start coming back.

    And what's with the Authentication Box that keeps popping up. That's a pain and will get people to leave very quickly. Get rid of that ASAP.

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