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    I was wondering if you registered to a number of IP.Board (Invision Power Board) forums in a short space of time are you automatically banned from registering from anymore as an anti spam measure.

    I can't register on their support forum to ask this either as soon as I register on any forum for IP.Board I am told I am not allowed to visit this community.

    I have not spammed, advertised or in any way caused hassle in any of these forums, in fact I have not posted at all in any of the forums I registered on last week to trigger this anti spam measure.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    It depends on their spam filters. Ours automatically blocks you if you are on one or more StopSpam type blacklists. Have PM'd you our board check, see your user name on just one so would be worth getting it white listed.

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    I finally managed to make contact with IP.Board.

    I registered to 6 forums and did not post on any of them (all this happened in the space of 2 days).

    3 Admins banned me and reported me for spam based on nothing more than my username which is not the name of a company/product/service and is related to the main discussion on their forums.

    IP.Board agreed to remove me from their spam list but if there is one more complaint i will be banned from all IP.Boards apparently so I better not come across an admin in a bad mood.

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