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Juil is recognized for its "copper dots." They're the differentiator that offer - a "connection" to the world around us. They’re a reminder of simpler times, when walking barefoot in the sand or grass was one of our greatest sources of pleasure, calm, and wellbeing. Those feelings aren't just our imagination either, as recent studies have supported the multitude of health benefits associated with walking barefoot. By placing copper dots in the shoes, Juil allows you to maintain that connection with the earth beneath your feet, without actually having to walk barefoot (Juil found that going barefoot isn't always fashionable or appropriate in some places).

What sets them apart?
1. Natural comfort through our copper dots.
2. Quality oiled-leather sandals.
3. Free Shipping. Free Returns. Always.

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Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Network: Shareasale

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