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    January 18th, 2005
    I've done consistently well with certain merchants, only to experience one day...them
    slapping their 800 numbers up, and my sales then taking a nose dive.

    I came across a merchant recently in the Shareasale program that has done a totally righteous thing. They generate your affiliate I.D. as a promo code. If the buyer calls the telephone number, they must use the promo code (your I.D.) to get the current internet discount price.

    777-777-7777 promo code: xxxx
    * Important: Please have "Promo Code" ready when calling to secure these Internet only discount prices!

    Merchant Alert! Take notice of this example.
    Myself, and many others have taken down your links because your 800 numbers were eating our commissions and insulting our intelligence.

    Even if you choose to follow this example, we still must trust you to report the sale. Anything you can do to make us feel more confortable is greatly appreciated.

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    you know what's funny? a certain music merchant who has a 1800 number and a promo code for lower prices!

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    Check for the reference number below our 1-800 number when coming from an affiliate site. You'll notice it corresponds to the PID.

    Try this text link -

    Bryan Rhodes
    Affiliate Marketing Manager
    Phone: (435) 657 2468 ex. 116

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    DiscountCandleShop does the same thing - "Order line 1-800-xxx-xxxx Be sure to reference number # xxx"

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    I think any HONEST company that truly wants to have a good affiliate program would do this. The technology is obviously available, and the cost would be minimal.

    I agree with kelly626, this should be standard issue with all affiliate programs! Indeed, it should be mandatory if there's an "800" number on the page!


    AFFILIATE MARKETING STANDARD: The site upon which the initial action to buy occurs is the site the commission is paid to. Period.

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