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    What not to put in your coupon feed
    Man, I must be in a mood today...

    Merchant's don't do put this in your coupon feed:
    10% off orders $75 or more
    No Bidding on our Names via SEO ever! If found in violation, we will remove you from our program: Coupon code: 10off75
    This was a millisecond away from being published on my website, as-is. In general, never put messages to affiliates in your feeds. These data is going straight out to the end user and they aren't going to understand these messages.

    As a more personal note directed to this specific merchant, it isn't called SEO it's called PPC...

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    "No Bidding on our Names via SEO ever!"

    WTF does that mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebtheredwood View Post
    "No Bidding on our Names via SEO ever!"

    WTF does that mean?
    translation: clueless.

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    WOOF. Wow that is bad, imagine how confused visitors would be if that went on a publishers site?

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