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    Possible to Register w/Affiliate Network Before Site Build is Complete?
    Hi out there in ABW land,

    I'm building an affiliate website, and would like to install a data feed at some point in the immediate future. For me to install the data feed, I have to first be a registered affiliate with a network.

    The problem is that the networks I've seen thus far require that your site be available for pre-approval by those networks. But we're still building the site. And I can't install and test the data feed programs out there, as far as I know, until I'm a registered affiliate somewhere.

    Can someone please let me know if my analysis is correct? Do I have to have my website complete and available for perusal before registering with and being approved by an affiliate network?

    I'd appreciate any insight you can offer. Many thanks.

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    Correct but you need to contact them to explain. I regularly have newbies ask if they can join while they are building their site. If they make a compelling case I ask the network to add them. Some networks will approve them for my program only until they have a complete site.

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    Okay, it's good to know others have experienced this as well and it's at least possible to make a case for pre-approval.

    Thank you Chuck.

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