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    How to Convince a Vendor to Create an Affiliate Program?
    Hi folks,

    I'd like to ask for advice on encouraging online vendors to create affiliate programs.

    There are a couple of companies that I'm interested in advertising on my site, but they do not yet have affiliate programs.

    Is there any advice out there or such situations? How does one propose the idea to a vendor?

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    Make a case for them, let them know how much you sell and how they could get a piece of it. Many merchants don't understand how affiliate marketing works. I regularly run them through what it looks like. Reminds me I need to close on one!

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    A quick list of the benefits to a merchant with an affiliate progarm are...

    1. They don't have to pay for traffic like they do with pay per click or even SEO. They only pay when a sale is made.

    2. A good affiliate, who has a quality site and does good marketing, is seen as an credible, independent third party. Their recommendations will hold more weight than the merchant's own "bragging".

    3. Sometimes the affiliate knows the niche even better than the merchant does. They can offer better branding and may know how to position a merchant even more effectively than they do themselves.

    4. They may get more traffic than the merchant does.

    5. A good affiliate may have better content, particularly for prospects in the early stages of the sales cycle. They can help a prospect understand their problem and the benefits of finding a solution.
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