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    I'd like to ask ABW'ers for their thoughts on this...
    This statement was made in an email I got from an affiliate, defending their "advertising" practices:

    "... direct linking is not considered fraud in the affiliate marketing industry."

    She went on to say, "you guys are missing out on (a) growth opportunity".
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    Do they understand what "Direct Linking" is?

    Is it clear what your terms mean by "Direct Linking"?
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    Growth opportunity?

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    For sure she meant "direct linking", not deep linking? I'm not a fan of direct linking either, and very few of the merchants I work with permit it. I'm guessing has a robust PPC program so yeah, I'm with you, especially if it's in your T&C's. She can't honestly believe that someone in your position got there without knowing the business or understanding the risk/rewards of each strategy.

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    I allow direct linking only with written permission from me and carve out a special term in the program. These are for secondary bidders I have worked with for years and have a high level of trust.

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    Direct linking is generally not allowed, period. Most retailers either have PPC agencies or operate internally with mixed results. I have one affiliate for direct linking on CPA (used to be two) for a client because it saves the client a hefty budget and monthly fees and generates them about $1 million a year in sales.
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