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    SAS Video creatives - "flv" file format
    FLV was a great format 6 years ago, but today, more than 30% of the customers can't see flv videos! iOS devices simply will not play flv. And more and more browsers and devices are configured out of the box to not play flv without a plugin or additional action required. Of course, we can't expect our customers to install plugins to view our content.

    SO -- with that said, who is using SAS video creatives, and how do you get around the 30% of the customers who can't view them?

    I think the IDEA of the video creative was brilliant 6 years ago (it's brilliant now). And I love the Cue Points and I love the customer experience and I think it is a brilliant merchandising concept, for merchant as well as affiliate and customer...


    FLV format is a buzz kill in 2014.

    Am I missing something?

    SAS affiliates: do you (still) use the video creatives?
    SAS merchants: do you offer the video creatives?

    There was a thread on ABW from 2006 when Brian announced the video creative, then zero discussion since.

    Brian, have you given any thought to non-FLV delivery, OR - could you "simply" embed youtube - which has fallback transcoding for HTML5? As a customer, I wish more affiliates would use this technology that you built! As merchant, I want my affiliates to exploit this!!!!

    I'm going to open a support ticket just in case there is a non-FLV solution in the pipeline. I'll sign an NDA if you wish.

    I'd appreciate hearing from SAS affiliates and merchants about how the video creative worked for you.



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    Jeremy - shoot me an email and I can discuss with you a little further.

    I appreciate the feedback, very well thought out as well so thank you!

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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