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    Arrow Looking for Affiliate Networks and any tips
    Hi there my names Missy. I'm trying to find a good affiliate network for our vaporizer company. I have read about clickbank, Jack Media, Share A Sale, etc. I was wondering if I anyone could help me out or point out a different cite to check out. Again Im looking for NetWorks over programs, from my understanding there is a difference. If not please feel free to correct me.

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    If I'm understanding your information correctly, you are interested in becoming a merchant and opening a program on an affiliate network.

    There are many choices of affiliate networks, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. I love this post which compares them, which hopefully can help you make your choice, although it may instead lead to more questions. If it does, feel free to ask them here, as it is important for you to fully understand all the reasons why you choose one network over another.
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    We have an extensive list of networks here at ABestWeb. Recommend looking into the ones with positive comments.

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    If the vaporizer looks like this, I want one. Marvin the Martian had the coolest one ever.

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    I like this one better:

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