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    FTC disclosure for price comparison website
    Hi, I am in the process of creating a price comparison website. I won't be writing reviews or testimonials myself, however I will open up the website so users can submit their own reviews for products. My website will be similar to whistleout

    My question is, do I still require an FTC disclosure even though I am not personally recommending a product myself?
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    I cannot 100% say no as there is scope for paid inclusion amongst the comments placed by users. In addition I would also be very careful regarding consumer driven content. Anything libelous can still come back to bite you as you I assume would be allowing unmoderated content, something retailers specifically frown on, especially from affiliates. This therefore could place you the wrong side of the FTC and also contravening various terms for affiliate programs. It may also get you ditched quickly from some programs if they felt your comments were detrimental to their business.
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